Personalizado de Precisión CNC de Aluminio Mecanizado de Piezas de Bicicleta

  • Precision high speed, lead CNC machining & assembly facility.
  • Specializing in machining a variety of industrial components including aerospace, hydraulic, pneumatic, valve, steel mill, lawn, trucking, heavy equipment, locomotive, transmission, machinery & castings. 
  • High quality machining ranging from simple production parts to complex 5th axis applications.
  • Materials include plastics, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, carbon steels, alloys, stainless steel, tool steels.

Descripción de los productos

JY Machinery Specializes In CNC Aluminum Machining Products Prototyping

Experienced That Successfully Lead You from Prototype to Production

With more than 10 years of engineering and prototyping expertise, JY Machinery can help you create aluminum prototypes and

el aluminio de encargo de las piezas con nuestros experimentados ingenieros de proyecto y operarios para cumplir con sus especificaciones de diseño.

We are committed to being your best full-service product development partner. Our CNC aluminum service is striving to

proporcionaryou skillful method and decent quality with a professional team whom analyze your project carefully,

figure out the best solution for you and process your custom machined parts in the most efficient way to save your time and cost.

If you are seeking a vendor to provide you high quality aluminum parts CNC machined, JY Machinery is one of the most capable and affordable sources specializing in manufacturing precision machined parts on advanced 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machines.

Contact us today!

The Custom CNC Aluminum Machining Services that We Can Offer:

  • 5-axis CNC Machining
  • CNC milling
  • De torneado CNC
  • Multi-axis milling and turning
  • EDM & Wire Cutting
  • Custom Machine Parts
  • El Estampado de metales, piezas de
  • Welding& bending
  • Surfae treatment
  • Assembling service

Aluminum Material Grade Avaibale:

Aluminum Grade


De aluminio

Seis mil sesenta y uno

This grade is mainly contains magnesium and silicon, so it concentrates the advantages of the aluminum of 4000 series and 5000 Series,6061 is a cold-treated aluminium forging product, which is suitable for applications requiring high corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. It has good usability, easy coating and good workability.



This is commonly known as "super hard aluminium",one of the highest strength aluminum alloys.Good mechanical properties and anodize reaction,but it is not weldable and has limited resistance to corrosion ,it is ideally used for highly stressed parts,, representative uses are aerospace, die processing, mechanical equipment, tooling fixtures, especially for manufacturing. Aircraft structures and other high-stress structures requiring high strength.



Comúnmente conocido como un conjunto arquitectónico de la aleación. Es adecuado para todo tipo de industriales de piezas estructurales con una alta resistencia y resistencia a la corrosión, tales como camiones, torre de edificios, barcos, tranvías, trenes, muebles, piezas de maquinaria de precisión morir de fabricación, componentes electrónicos y de instrumentos de precisión, SMT, PC de la junta de soldadura de estaño portador de la electrónica, etc.


Cinco mil cinquenta y dos

The main characteristics are low density, high tensile strength and high elongation.It can be easily drawn or formed into intricate shapes,Suitable for bending and welding.



The characteristics of aluminium2024 is high hardness,also the content of copper is the highest, about 3-5%. 2024 series aluminium bar most common used for Aviation material, which is not often used in conventional industry at present.

Surface Treatment:
Zinc/Níquel/Cromado,galvanizado en caliente, pintura, polvo, recubrimiento anodizado, vacío cromado, pulido,

electrolytic polishing, steel blue, sank without electricity nickel, silver-plated, gold-plated, and so on.

What you will get from our here?
* Competitive Price Of CNC Precision Machinery part
* Good Quality Assurance
* In Time Sampling & In Time Shipment
* Quality Guarantee
* Free Sample Can Be Provided Some Time
* Low MOQ
* Reply in 24 hours and fast quotaion
*Small MOQ acceptable

Quality Control:

Quliaty is our culture!To ensure the quality of your manufactured parts, a inspection technician will conduct the following checks for your order:

1. The quantity of parts is in agreement with the amounts specified on the Purchase Order.

2. All part dimensions are in accordance with the supplied technical drawing and/or CAD model

(with the technical drawing taking precedence).

3. All parts have had sharp edges and burrs removed.

4. All thread holes are accounted for and tapped as per the technical drawing

(where applicable as indicated on the Purchase Order).

5. All tolerances are within specification as per the technical drawing

(where applicable as indicated on the Purchase Order).

6. All part surface finishes have been applied and are consistent and free of any chips or scratches (where applicable as indicated on the Purchase Order).

7. Relevant QA/QC documentation is included with the order

(where applicable as indicated on the Purchase Order)

8. Todas las piezas están correctamente embalados para garantizar que las piezas no se dañan durante el transporte

Case Study:

Note:The products shown here is only to present the scope of our business activities. We can manufacture custom parts according to your drawings or samples.

Contact us:

We make CNC parts according to customers' artwork, if you have any parts need to be made, please kindly send 2D and 3D artwork to us. And Please kindly mark dimension, tolerance, material, surface or hot treatment on 2D artwork, then we will according to it to calculate cost for you.

2D obras de arte en formato:JPG, PDF, DWG.
3D artwork format: IGS,STP,STEP.


Q:Which metal is suitable for anodizing?

A:The most common is anodic oxidation of aluminum alloy, by magnesium alloy, titanium alloy can be used as the anode, the application is also more common

P: ¿Qué colores se puede anodizar aluminio?

A:The anodized natural color is the same color as the metal blank, and the anodized color is through coloring or electrophoresis, and the coloring can be done in any color in theory, depending on the material alloy composition, anodizing method and coloring or dyeing process

Q:Can you anodize 6061 aluminum?

A:Yes,Sure,we can do various anodized colors for your aluminum parts.

Q:Does anodizing add thickness?

A:Aluminum anodized thickness, the surface formed a thin layer of alumina, its thickness is 5 ~ 30 microns, hard anodized film can reach 25 ~ 150 microns.

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